Нашлось 54 стрипов с набором тегов


Mouse: Okay, Mr. Cat. You caught me. Go ahead and eat me are you?. Don't worry about the fact I have seven kids at home.
Garfield: I'm not going to eat you. Go home.
Mouse: To seven screaming kids? What kind of monster are you?

Garfield: I hear mice spread filth and disease.
Mouse: Do you believe everything you hear?
Garfield: Yes.
Mouse: I hear swinging a dead cat over your head by the full moon at midnight brings good luck.
Garfield: Touche.

Garfield: Tell me, mouse, what do you do for a living.
Mouse: I pose for anti-vermin posters.
Garfield: A cute mouse like you? That's very good.

Mouse: Look, cat, you need a reason to be kept here and I need food. I'll show up in front of your owner and you chase me off. You'l have a job and I'll have a place to live.
Garfield: Won't Jon get suspicious when I keep chasing the same mouse?
Mouse: I'll wear different wigs.
Garfield: You thought of everything.

Mouse: Why don't we run out there and eat all the food?
Garfield: My owner won't let us.
Mouse: Then let's kill him.
Garfield: It is not wise to rub out the hand that feeds you.
Mouse: Can I nibble the toes out of his sweat socks.

Mouse: That, son, is a cat. He's a fat one and ugly, as cats go
Garfield: I may have to break our treaty agreement
Mouse: Notice the sloping, criminal forehead

Garfield: Hey, mouse
*knock knock*
Garfield: I don't mean to complain, but what are you trying to do? Make me look bad?


Mouse: Fore!
*thwock whock*
Mouse: Looks like you hit into a hazard, Floyd.
Garfield: You don't know the half of it.

Mouse 1: Wow.
Mouse 2: Yeah.
Mouse 1: What a view!
Mouse 2: Sir, would you mind?
Garfield: Sigh.

Mouse: You shouldn't worry about turning 21. I had an uncle who lived to be 21.
Garfield: Really?
Mouse: I remember what he always used to say to me...
Garfield: What was that?
Mouse: «Who the heck are you?!»

Garfield: The mice and I have an agreement. I don't eat them... And they don't booby trap the litter box

Mouse #1: Shhh! Happy early birthday, cat!
Mouse #2: We've got a SURPRISE for you.
Garfield: All right!
Mouse # 1: He's not looking very happy.
Mouse #2: Neither is Shirley.

Garfield: Hey, mouse, what's shakin'?
Mouse: I don't think that's any of your business, fatso.
Garfield: Mice are touchy before they've had their morning cheese.

Mouse: Hey, cat...how's it going?
Garfield: I'm starving!
Mouse: Sorry to hear that. Diet's starting to get to you, huh?

*Nibble nibble*
Mouse: Whew! Stuffed!
Garfield: Sharing with mice is nice.

Garfield: So what did you get the missus this year?
Mouse: A cheese grater. That's the look SHE gave me!
Garfield: Mouse, cat, man...we're all in the same boat, pal.

Garfield: Nobody TOLD me high-dive practice was this afternoon!

Mouse: I got my wife a treadmill for Christmas.
Garfield: That's nice.
Garfield: Why are you standing out here in the snow?
Mouse: I got my wife a treadmill for Christmas.

john: yaaahhh
garfield: this really needs to stop
mouse: You're stifling my creativity!

Garfield: How many mice are in there?
Mouse: Let's see... 4,732.
Garfield: Where's everybody else?

Mouse: I'm moving to a new place.
Garfield: I'll miss you.
Mouse: Oh, I'm not moving far.

*Hammer hammer hammer*
*Hammer hammer hammer*

Mouse: Hey! Every time you walk by, the pictures fall off my walls.
Garfield: Well, excuse me.

Mouse: What are you looking at, cat?
Garfield: A photo album
Mouse: A photo album? What's that?
Garfield: It's where we old folks used to post our selfies
Mouse: Ah

Mouse: Merry Christmas, cat!
Garfield: Uh... Thanks
Mouse: I hope it fits!
Мышь: С Рождеством, кот!
Гарфилд: Ой... Спасибо
Мышь: Надеюсь, впору

Garfield: How was your weekend?
Mouse: Great! We had a big party!
Garfield: That explains the cheese in the chandelier
Mouse: I know not of what you speak
Гарфилд: Как прошли выходные?
Мышь: Отлично! У нас была большая вечеринка!
Гарфилд: Это объясняет, откуда взялся сыр в люстре
Мышь: Я без понятия, о чём ты

Mouse: I have a job interview today!
Garfield: What kind of job can a mouse get?
Mouse: Maze tester at a science lab
Garfield: Nice!
Мышь: У меня сегодня собеседование на работу!
Гарфилд: И на какую работу могут взять мышь?
Мышь: Испытатель лабиринтов в научной лаборатории
Гарфилд: Круто!

Mouse: Consider this. If it weren't for mice... The planet would be overrun with cheese!
*Munch munch munch*
Garfield: We all have a role to play
Мышь: Подумай вот о чём. Если бы не мыши... Всю планету завалило бы сыром!
*мням мням мням*
Гарфилд: Каждый из нас играет свою роль

Mouse: I have new business cards
Garfield: Cheese inspector?
Mouse: I'll need to see your cheddar
Мышь: У меня новые визитки
Гарфилд: Инспектор по сырам?
Мышь: Я должен взглянуть на ваш чеддер

Mouse: There's gouda... Cheddar... Provolone... Brie... Gorgonzola...
Garfield: How many more pictures?
Mouse: About 100
Garfield: I had to ask about his vacation to Cheeseworld
Мышь: Вон Гауда... Чеддер... Проволоне... Бри... Горгонзола...
Гарфилд: Сколько ещё фотографий?
Мышь: Около сотни
Гарфилд: Вот надо было мне спросить, как он отдохнул в «Сырном мире»

Mouse: Every year I get the same thing for Christmas... Cheese! Every... Single... Year! It's always cheese! Cheese! Cheese! Cheese! Cheese! Cheese!
Garfield: So life's good, huh?
Mouse: You bet your brie it is

Mouse: It's not easy being a parent
Garfield: How many kids do you have?
Mouse: Forty-seven
Garfield: That's a lot of school plays

Mouse: Do you have any cheese?
Garfield: I'll check. Nope
Mouse: Saaaaay...

Mouse: Cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese... Cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese
Garfield: Thanks for your help with the shopping list
Mouse: And cheese!
Мышь: Сыр, сыр, сыр, сыр... Сыр, сыр, сыр, сыр
Гарфилд: Спасибо, что помог составить список покупок
Мышь: И сыр!

Mouse: Hey! I just raked!
Мышь: Эй! Я только что убрал!

Mouse: FORE! Drat! A sand trap!
Garfield: Stay out of my litter box!
Мышь: ПОБЕРЕГИСЬ! Чёрт! Песчаная ловушка!
Гарфилд: А ну кыш из моего лотка!

*Wobble wobble wobble wobble wobble wobble*
Garfield: How was the cheese festival?
Mouse: BURP!
*Буньк буньк буньк буньк буньк буньк*
Гарфилд: Как сырный фестиваль прошёл?
Мышь: РРЫГ!

Mouse: You're going to be HOW old?
Garfield: 43
Mouse: Want me to check your vitals?
Garfield: Go away

Garfield: I have a question... Why does swiss cheese have all those holes?
Mouse: So mice can play hide-and-seek
Garfield: Remind me to switch to cheddar
Гарфилд: У меня вопрос... Зачем в швейцарском сыре столько дырок?
Мышь: Чтобы мышам было где играть в прятки
Гарфилд: Напомните мне перейти на чеддер

Mouse: I have a thousand photos stored on my phine
Garfield: Really?
Mouse: 999 pictures of cheese... And one of mom
Garfield: You sentimental fool, you
Мышь: У меня в телефоне тысяча фотографий
Гарфилд: Правда?
Мышь: 999 фотографий сыра... И одна - мамы
Гарфилд: Вот ты конечно сентиментальный

Garfield: Did you know that cheese comes from milk?
Mouse: Really? Well?
Гарфилд: Ты знал, что сыр получается из молока?
Мышь: Правда? Ну и?

Mouse: What do cats do when they retire? They can't sleep all day... That was their job!
Garfield: Hit the road, mr. Comedian

Mouse1: BURP!
Mouse2: BURP!
Mouse3: BURP!
Garfield: Let's see... Cheddar, gouda, and swiss
Mouse2: Ooh, you're good
Garfield: It's a gift
Мышь1: РЫГ!
Мышь2: РЫГ!
Мышь3: РЫГ!
Гарфилд: Посмотрим... Чеддер, гауда и швейцарский
Мышь2: Ого, а ты хорош
Гарфилд: Это дар

Garfield: Sorry, I don't kiss mice
Mouse: Not even at CHRISTMAS?!
Jon: My mouthwash is all gone!
Garfield: And it still wasn't enough

Mouse: Quick! Call pest control!
Мышь: Скорее! Вызовите дезинсекторов!

Mouse: I'm the king of the hill!
Garfield: SCRAM!
Text: Keep off the cat
Мышь: Я царь горы!
Гарфилд: А НУ СВАЛИЛ!
Надпись: К коту не подходить