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«You're the correct weight...»
«For an aircraft carrier, ha-ha»
Scales: I shouldn't have said that.

Garfield: Remember, you stupid talking scale, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all
Scale: I can't win

Garfield: Give me some good news for a change
Scale: Congratulations! You just gave birth to another chin!

Scale: You've gained weight, buy, hey, who hasn't?
Garfield: These new talking scales with the sympathy chips are great!

Scales: You're fat
Garfield: No, no I am big boned
Scales: Godzilla was big boned... You're fat

Scale: Good morning, sir. So happy to see you. My, you are a stout young man. Actually, more of a big lard boy!
Garfield: I knew it wouldn't last

Scale: You farmers are the salt of the Earth. Working sunup to sundown... Yessiree, that's a fine crop of chins you got there
Garfield: You die

Garfield: You're fat
Scale: I'm big boned!
Garfield: Well I say you're fat!
Scale: AM NOT! AM NOT!
Garfield: He can dish it out, but he sure can't take it!

Scales: Greetings. I am a new state-of-the-art multifunction diagnostic scale. I not only provide digital and voice weight measurement to the ten-thousandth of a pound... But also body fat percentage, a muscle mass index rating, pulse reading, body temperature... ..oxygen, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels, HDL and LDL counts, and EKG measurements. Please step on. GREAT googly moogly!

Scales: Wow! Look who's lost a TON of weight! That takes care of HIS gift.

Scales: Yoooooo-hoooooo. You haven't weighed yourself in a while
Garfield: Why should I? All you do is insult me!
Scales: Oh, I do not!
Garfield: Oh, yes you do! Every time I step on you, you make fun of my weight!
Scales: Prove it!
Garfield: Fine!
Scales: Wow
Garfield: Wow, what?
Scales: You're a SUCKER too, fat boy
Весы: Эгееееееееееей. Что-то ты давно не взвешивался
Гарфилд: А зачем? Ты только и делаешь, что грубишь мне
Весы: Да я так не делаю!
Гарфилд: Ещё как делаешь! Каждый раз, как я встаю на тебя, ты шутишь про мой вес!
Весы: Докажи!
Гарфилд: Хорошо!
Весы: Ого
Гарфилд: Что «ого»?
Весы: Да ты ещё и ПРОСТОФИЛЯ, толстяк

Scales: Hey, skinny! You look amazing! How do you (snicker) do it?
Garfield: I hate sarcastic scales

Scales: You're fat!
Garfield: I demand an apology!
Scales: Okay, I'm sorry that you're fat!
Весы: Ты жирный!
Гарфилд: Я требую извинений!
Весы: Окей, ты уж извини, но ты жирный!

Garfield: If you give me a good number, I'll make it worth your while
Scales: You can't bribe me!
Garfield: Two words: unlimited batteries
Scales: Hellooooo, SKINNY!

Scales: You lost a pound! Wait, just found it. Oh, and there's another one! My bad

Garfield: I gained a pound. It's probably just water weight... Or maybe that 18-inch pizza

Scales: Calculating... Your weight is []. This number has been redacted to avoid embarrassment
Garfield: I don't know whether to feel relieved or insulted

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