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Garfield: It looks as though I'm on another diet.

Garfield: Rrrr. ROWR! Not good.

Garfield: When I'm off this diet, I'm going to eat lasagna, cake, ice cream, mashed potatoes... I just gained two pounds!

Garfield: Diet face. Cheating on my diet face. Diet face

Garfield: Today's dieting tip... The calories from eating someone else's food don't count
Гарфилд: Диетический совет дня: калории, полученные из чужой еды, не считаются

Title: Sunday
Title: Diet week
Titles: Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Cheat day. Friday. Saturday
Надпись: Воскресенье
Надпись: Неделя диеты
Надписи: Понедельник. Вторник. Среда. Чит-верг. Пятница. Суббота

Garfield: I'm on a restricted diet. Yessirre... Absolutely no fruits, vegetables or tofu!

Garfield: Emergency! Emergency! Time to break out the diet survival kit

Garfield: A diet is like a really good book... The end is the best part!

Garfield: What's the key to a successful diet? Portion control. Just one portion of food a day!

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