Нашлось 20 стрипов с набором тегов

Garfield: I really shouldn't eat that fish... Call it an ethnic weakness

Garfield: Just what is a goldfish? A goldfish is an aquatic expression of beauty and grace that provides its observers with many hours of blissful meditation. It also makes a darn fine breakfast

Garfield: A new goldfish!
Fish: Wait! I'm not just any fish. I'm a magic fish.
Garfield: Yeah, right.
Fish: Really! I can grant your fondest wish.
Garfield: Okay, I wish for some tartar sauce.
Fish: He's not buying it.

Fish: Don't you dare eat me!
Garfield: Nobody (burp) likes a pushy guppy.

fish: uh-oh
Garfield: Ahh! A nutritious snack!
Fish: Please spare me, mr. Cat! I got a wife and six kids!
Fish: Who...uh...are away visiting my mother for an indefinite period of time?
Garfield: Fish who live in glass houses shouldn't fib

Garfield: hey, hey
Goldfish: You know, it's bad luck to eat a goldfish!
Garfield: So, I'll stay out of the casinos

Garfield: There's a great big world out there!
Fish: Really?
Garfield: Yup.
Fish: Say, it IS big.
Garfield: Hey!

Fish: Don't even think about it, cat. If you take one step closer, I'll call for reinforcements. OKAY, GET HIM, MEN!
Garfield: Alright! A sushi bar!
Fish: This didn't have quite the effect I was hoping for.

Sign: Kity treats

Fish: How do you do?
Garfield: Very well, thank you. Polite AND tasty!

Goldfish: I'm getting out of shape.
Garfield: Maybe you should take up swimming.
Garfield: I'm good.

Fish: I hear you're a real tough cat. But you don't scare me. AYIEEEEE!!

Fish: Beware, cat! My breed of fish is poisonous, and can make you violently ill!
Garfield: MY breed of STOMACH can eat 12 burritos bigger than my head.
Fish: I'm toast.

Fish #1: I can't hold my breath any longer! GASP!
Garfield: Fish breathe!
Fish #1: Sorry.
Fish #2: Nice move, guppy gills.

Fish: Before you eat me... Fish: May I borrow a marker? Garfield: Sure. Fish: Okay, I'm ready. Garfield: Hmmm, I didn't see that coming.

Fish: Uh-oh... Wait, what's he doing? Is he drawing a picture of me? I think he is! How cool! I'll give him a nice smile!
Garfield: And what's your name?
Garfield: Stu! I hate him.

Garfield: A fish walks into a diner and the waitress says, «what will you have?» And the fish says, «WATER!»
Fish: Oh, how sad! Go away! Hello? Eddie?... A fish walks into a diner...

Fish: Hey, cat! Don't mess with me... Or you'll meet my brother Larry!
Garfield: I know him. «Larry Almondine»... We met over dinner
Рыбка: Эй, кот! Не шути со мной! Или будешь иметь дело с моим старшим братом Ларри!
Гарфилд: Я его знаю. «Ларри в кляре»... У меня был ужин с ним