Нашлось 3 стрипов с набором тегов
Гарфилдрождественские кошмары

Garfield: Tonight's yuletide nightmare?
Note: Yup-per. I'm the Christmas carol that's suck in your head.
Garfield: And you?
Cake: I'm the fruitcake that's stuck in your teeth.

Garfield: You must be tonight's Christmas nightmare.
Phone: Correct-amundo. I am tech support for your new electronic gift.
Garfield: That doesn't sound so bad.
Phone: Your current wait time is 432 minutes.

Garfield: Are you tonight's Christmas nightmare?
List: Oh, boy, am I ever! I'm Santa's naughty list!
Garfield: Am I on you?
List: Does an elf eat candy canes for breakfast?