Нашлось 801 стрипов с набором тегов


Glasses: Welcome to your age nightmare, birthday boy!
Garfield: Reading glasses? Why are you scary?
Glasses: Because when you need me... you'll never remember where you put me! Bwah-ha-ha-ha-haaaah!
Garfield: Sorry, still not scary.
Glasses: Oh, no? Just wait, it gets worse.
Garfield: Who are you?
Chain: I'm the chain that holds him around your neck.
Glasses: Bwah-ha-haaaaaaa!

Garfield: Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity.
Garfield: Shortly before discovering the lawsuit!

Garfield: I could climb you. And there's nothing you can do about it! Unfortunately...
Гарфилд: Я могу на тебя залезть. И ты ничего не сможешь с этим поделать! К сожалению...

Chipmunk: Hi, I'm a plump little chipmunk! Would you like to play? I like to roll in mustard!
Garfield: Is this a sting operation?

Tree: Bring on the candy canes!

Garfield: Welcome to my world. Let me show you around. Garfield: Come back soon.

Snail: I love your work!

TV: A ghost!
TV: I'm not a ghost. I'm a talking sheet.
TV: And your little friend?
TV: Oh, he's a talking pillow-case.
TV: Hi!
Garfield: Channel changer, do your thing.

«The Cat Is A Fink»
Garfield: I want whoever did this CAUGHT!
Rat: Right away, Sire

Garfield: Okay, rat, I'm coming down!
Garfield: I hate it when they turn the lights on and set out a welcome mat.

Garfield: Do you believe in time travel? Observe... When I get up, it will be Friday

Garfield: First snowflake of the year. I wonder what kind of season it'll be.
Garfield: Probably a bad one.

Garfield: Okay... There's a reason for everything... WHY did I wake up?

garfield: how's it goin' tonight, folks? feelin' good?
oh things could be going better I have this pain in my neck so do I no kidding? yeah, curled up under the sofa all night I hear you, girl. what do you do for that? Oh, I just...
Garfield: that was a rhetorical question!
good stuff! Yeah, I like it, ask us another one!

Robot cat: Meow meow
Garfield: Robots will never replace cats. They could never do the things we do
Robot cat: Z
Garfield: The technology is more advanced then I thought!
Робот-кот: Мяу мяу
Гарфилд: Роботам никогда не заменить кошек. Они никогда не будут делать то же самое, что и мы
Робот-кот: ХР
Гарфилд: А технологии шагнули дальше, чем я думал!

Garfield: I'm going to go on a diet. A really lousy one!

garfield: when I'm in one of my crazy moods, anything can happen!
garfield: or not!

Garfield: I will not be bothered by today, starting now. Okay, starting now

Garfield: Whoa... There's an awful lot not going on.

«Do NOT Beware of Dog»
«Let's Be Friends»
«Rub My Tummy»

Garfield: I'm great, I'm great. I'm great. I'm the best, best, best, best, best. My theme song.

Garfield: Good day for... I'm going to go with «nothing».

Garfield: Back...back...back... Back up some more...
Voice: You still look fat.
Garfield: You're still too close.

TV: There's no place like home.
Garfield: Thank goodness.

Garfield: I don't plan to move. ...Ever.
Jon: Who wants a brownie?

Garfield: Liz is arriving. And Jon is rushing to embrace her! Perhaps he should have waited until her car stopped moving.

Garfield: What a great day! I am one with nature... And this peanut butter sandwich.

Garfield: Allow me to give you a tour of my world... This is my paw.

Garfield: I'm a problem solver. Yup... But first I have to cause a few.

TV: Heroic cat rescues little boy!
Garfield: I could do that. For the right amount of tuna.

Garfield: A thunderstorm is headed this way. Just like on the weather map
Гарфилд: Сюда движется гроза. Точно такая же, как на карте погоды

Garfield: I need a hug. No, that isn't it. I need ice cream!

Garfield: Today I'm just going to concentrate on me. Me, me, me, me, me, me, me! I could get used to this!

«Wise man»

Garfield: A giant beanstalk! Not a big vegetable fan.

TV: A giant insect is threatening to destroy the planet! We're doomed! Unless... Unless we find a really, really big guy who can step on it!
Garfield: Clever.

«Echo Point»
Garfield: I don't believe that sign.
Garfield: I stand corrected.

Garfield: Well, let's see.. I've eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's been a good morning.

Garfield: I love food! And whatever that was

Garfield: I hope it doesn't rain. I hope we don't have any fudge!

Body: Z
Garfield: Huh... My arm fell asleep. And there goes my other arm
Body: Z. Z
Garfield: ...And there go my legs
Body: Z. Z. Z. Z
Garfield: This isn't so bad, really

Garfield: Climbing a tree... It's a good way to spend a morning. And an afternoon and an evening.

Garfield: I could save the world. If it's ever attacked by a giant cheesecake.

Garfield: YAWN! I'm bored. And proud!

Garfield: The jungle cat patiently waits for his prey to pass by. Aha! Here comes the pizza guy now!

Garfield: I don't climb trees until they are tall enough. Are you getting shorter?
Tree: Uh...maybe.

Garfield: Even though cats are basically loners... We do crave company. So, how was your day?

Jon: Dinner!
Garfield: Could somebody please tilt the house that way?

Garfield: Z. Canary lasagna! Man! You never know when genius will strike!

Garfield: Don't judge me! Unless, of course, you think I'm really great.