Нашлось 801 стрипов с набором тегов


Garfield: Fa-la-la-fa-la!
Garfield: I fa'd when I should have la'd.

Garfield: A cat's innate curiosity causes him to explore the world. Travel brochures
Гарфилд: Врождённое любопытство толкает кота изучать окружающий мир. Брошюрки турагентств

Daisy: You'll have to excuse me...sometimes I say things without really thinking first. ...You pathetic meow sack! Sort of just like that

Garfield: What are you?
Chicken: I'm a chicken.
Garfield: Riiiight... If you're a chicken, where's the breading?

Garfield: I had trouble sleeping. I tossed and turned all afternoon.

«Garf1: MeowMeowMeow»
«Whiskers232: Mew Mew Mew»
*tic tic tic*
«Pussnboots113: HIIIIISSSSS!»
«Whiskers232: HIIIIISSSSSS!»
«Pussnboots113: FFT! FFT! ROWR!!!»
Garfield: These cat chat rooms can get pretty ugly.

Garfield: Love your pie!

Garfield: It's the first snowflake of winter! ...And the second! And the third!

Garfield: This year, I resolve to stay out of trouble... Which will require effort, determination... And being much sneakier

Garfield: There should be warnings for icy sidewalks!
Гарфилд: Для обледенелых дорожек должны быть предупреждающие знаки

«Beware of Giant Squirrel»


Garfield: Z. Hmmm, still dark. Z
Гарфилд: ХР. Хм, ещё темно. ХР

Garfield: I'm not lazy... I'm «sedentary». Which is classy lazy.

Garfield: Oh, the blight of urban sprawl.

TV: Did you bring me a brain, Igor?...An EVIL brain? Yes, master... It's from an INSURANCE SALESMAN! Okay, Igor, now you're scaring ME.
Garfield: SOMEone's bucking for «Employee of the Month».

Fly: You wouldn't hit a fly with CONTACTS, would you?
Fly: Nobody move!!
Муха: Ты же не тронешь муху в линзах?
Муха: Никому не двигаться!

Garfied: *sigh* Christmas always ends too soon... COME BACK, CHRISTMAS! ...AND CAN YOU PICK UP SOME EGGNOG ON THE WAY?!

Garfield: We can get a lot from books. For instance... I'm now taller!

Garfield: Here comes the future! Here it is! Gee, it was a lot like the past
Гарфилд: Вот-вот наступит будущее! Вот оно! Надо же, оно было очень похоже на прошлое

Garfield: I think the coffee's a little strong today. It doesn't need a cup
Гарфилд: Думаю, сегодня кофе слегка крепковат... Ему даже кружка не нужна

Garfield: Ol' Shecky was a fun fish. I'll sure miss him. I guess it's true what they say... «Never eat the entertainment.»

Seashell: Your call is important to us. Please stay on the line, and...

Garfield: «Dogs are stinky». And now for an opposing viewpoint, here's Odie. Just as soon as he's done rolling in whatever it is over there

Garfield: I hate change. I didn't used to... But I've changed.

Garfield: You rock! It's nice to know I'm here for me.

Jon: Gosh, I hope nobody eats my new houseplant.
Garfield: Hey! This is a SALAD!

Broccoli: Vegetables are very healthy. Cough.
Garfield: AHA!

Garfield: Hmmm... I sw Jon hide a box of cat treats in this cabinet. What a pack rat! How much stuff is down here? He should know better than to hide anything from me. I'm a cat...supreme cunning and unparalleled resolve, and... Wait... What was I looking for again?

Remote: I'm tonight's age nightmare, Garfield...the UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROL! BWAH-HA! HA! H-
Garfield: Who's your friend?
Remote: Huh?
Garage Door Opener: I'm the garage door opener.
Garfield: HE'S not scary.
Remote: Didn't I tell you to wait in the car?!

Garfield: Hey, handsome. He enjoys and occasional compliment.

Garfield: I like to think I represent cats everywhere.
Garfield: CAT PRIDE!

Garfield: Nope. Nope. Oh, yeah!

Jon (on recording): 8cick* Jon here, I'm not home right now... I'm probably off on some exotic adventure... Hey, maybe I'll find a shrunken head!
Garfield: This is why we never get messages.

Garfield: I just completed a home improvement project. Ever heard of bunk beds? Tah-dah!

Garfield: What a beautiful view! I mean, HELP! I lost my concentration there for a moment.

Garfield: I can't hold on much longer! I'm going to have to let go! Just as soon as somebody soft walks underneath me.

Sign: «Chase your tennis ball: 5

Leaf: AAAH!
Leaf: I just fell from that tree!
Garfield: Who hasn't ?

Sign: «Sticks Chased Free!»
Sign: «You Throw, We Retrieve»
Sign: «Four Sticks, No Waiting»

Garfield: Love is what I'm all about. Did I say «love»?
Garfield: I meant to say «pastry»

Garfield: Ah, the winter hunt. Stalking big game across the frozen tundra.
Jon: Cat hair in the refrigerator!
Garfield: When I happened upon a wounded cheese platter...

Butterfly: Woo-hoo! It's butterfly time! Whoa, I'm a little dizzy. I'm going to lie here awhile and then call a cab.
Garfield: Nature isn't what it used to be.

Flower: I'm all about my beauty.
*Stomp Stomp*
Flower: Should have made a backup plan.

Doormat: «Welcome»

Garfield: Gonna sneeze. Wah-choo! Good one.

Garfield: A cat can have fun with just a piece of string. Not this piece of string, however.

Garfield: Cats are natural hunters. Lying in tall grass, waiting for prey... ...trying to stay awake