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Jon: Gee, I sure miss the boys. What's that?! Oh yeah... That's quiet.

Garfield: Well, here I am out on my own. I feel, So... So... So out-on-my-ownish.

Garfield: Gee, I'm lonely. I feel like it's just me against the world. Okay, okay... Us against the world.

Garfield: I'm so tired I hurt. I could sleep for a week. If I weren't staring at this special for ground beef at Ed's market.

Garfield: I'm homesick. I think I'll use my natural, uncanny sense of direction to find my way home. If I can find my way out of this newspaper.

Garfield: The milkman cometh. Now to wait for the doughnut man.

Garfield: Uh-oh!
Dog 1: Look, fellas, a cat chew-toy.
Garfield: Arf! Arf!
Dog 1: Wait a minute. He barks like a dog. And he pants like a dog
Dog 2: Cool it, guys! Here comes the dogcatcher!
Garfield: Bark! Bark!
Dog 1: Purr
Dog 3: Meyow
Garfield: There's no justice.

Garfield: It's getting hungry out here. I hate to admit it, but I'd better find work. But, what can I do? Bingo! Show business, here I come!

Garfield: I'm going to join the circus! I think I'll be a trapeze artist or a lion tamer. Or a clown.

Binky: Listen up, cat. I'm Binky the clown. I'm the head clown around here and don't you forget it!
Garfield: It's a little hard to ignore.
Binky: And respect... I demand respect. When I honk my nose, people snap to attention.
Garfield: He's full bore looney all right.

Binky: This is a slapstick. It makes a loud noise, but, it doesn't really hurt. Go ahead. Hit me with it as hard as you can.
Garfield: With pleasure! It's all in the wrist.


Garfield: Having amnesia isn't so bad. It'll be kind of fun finding out what a great guy I am. Arrrgh! Oh, no! I'm a cat!

Garfield: Amnesia has wiped my slate clean. I start establishing who I am today. I am (burp) a glutton.

Garfield: Hey, stranger. This body ain't big enough for the both of us. What a week... I fall on my head, totally lose my memory, and have no idea who this Garfield fella is. Hang on! Something's coming back! Ha! Ha!
Garfield: I'm terribly sorry about that. You see, I'm not myself today.

Garfield: Amnesia is weird. This Garfield is like a total stranger to me. I know nothing about him. Aside from what the creep did to my body.

Garfield: Z
Garfield: I hate leg cramps

Garfield: Let's check the weather. Hmmm. Looks like a good day to stay in bed. Mostly boring this morning with a 50% chance of intermittent depression this afternoon.

Garfield: I hate those little insert cards. Just as I suspected.


Garfield: I, the caped avenger, shall seek out injustice wherever it may lurk... And with one swift motion of my might hand, I will go... Naughty, naughty, naughty!

Garfield: Yawn
*shuffle scrape scrape shuffle*
Garfield: I was afraid of this. My birthday is creeping up on me

Garfield: Z
Гарфилд: ХР

Garfield: It's Monday. What an ugly day.
Jon: Hey, Garfield. We're going camping!
Garfield: Maybe if I die, I won't have to go.

Garfield: I can't believe it. Two weeks cooped up with Jon and Odie in the middle of nowhere. If I don't get to visit with some real humanity soon I'm going to go starkers! So...rock, read any good books lately?

Fleas: Yee-ha! Whoopee! Parrrty! Let's have a party! Yee-ha!
Garfield: I hate fleas.
Fleas: Ya-hoo!
Garfield: This spray should do the trick.
Fleas: Gas! Hit the deck, boys!
Fleas: Ack! Cough, cough. Medic! they got Sam! Speak to us, Sam! Wheeze...cough...come closer, boys. I gotta say one thing...cough... What is it, Sam? Paaarty! Let's have a party! Yee-ha!
Garfield: This stuff is worthless.

Garfield: Jon put a bell around my neck. He thinks it'll keep me from catching birds. He's probably right.

Garfield: Brrr, there's a chill in here this morning. What an eerie sensation... This doesn't feel like my home.
«To be continued...»

Garfield: My home has been abandoned. No one has lived here for years! But, that means...I haven't lived here for years! WHAT'S THAT?!

Garfield: I worry when Jon goes out. I worry he'll come home

Garfield: Impressions. Mona Lisa
Гарфилд: Образы. Мона Лиза

Garfield: Sigh. Life has passed me by. Of course, I had to hide a few times

Garfield: The mailman is here! The mailman and his big dog are here!

Garfield: Darn gravity.

Garfield: I think Jon's mad at me. But, we should know better than to wake me so early in the morning
Jon: Mare mar my lips?!
Garfield: I think your lips are under the sofa

Garfield: Pencil. Change. Comb. Corn chips. Fork.
*munch munch munch*
Garfield: Ah-HA! The remote control.

Sign: «Beware of Booga»
Garfield: «Beware of Booga»? What the heck is a Boo-... Gulp

Garfield: Ah. CHOO!

Garfield: Z. Z.
Goldfish: Boo!
Garfield: Who are you?
Goldfish: I'm the ghost of the goldfish you ate last summer.
Garfield: You're kidding.
Goldfish: And I'm here to haunt you!
Garfield: Ooooo, I'm so scared.
Goldfish: Along with a few others you've eaten.
Garfield: This could be trouble.

Jon: GARFIELD! Spread those around!

Garfield: The milk has gone bad. «How do I know?» You ask? the fact that it's sitting there without a glass is a clue
Гарфилд: Молоко совсем прокисло. «С чего ты взял?» спросите вы. Даю подсказку: оно сохраняет форму даже без стакана

Garfield: Invisible friends like Clive are great. They're always there when you need them. Uh...I think.

Garfield: So, Clive, where were you born? Invisible county hospital? Never heard of it. Yeah, right. Never seen it either.

Garfield: Fly paper