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Garfield: Some days I just don't feel like peopling

Garfield: A word of advice for coping with life... A donut a day keeps a bad mood away. And the badder the mood, the bigger the donut

Garfield: Let's see, what do I feel like ating? Ah, there is! Everything

Garfield: Too big. Too small. Juuuust right
Гарфилд: Большая. Маленькая. В саааамый раз

Garfield: Sigh... I need a day between sunday and monday... Called Notreadyyetday
Гарфилд: Эх... Мне нужен ещё один день между воскресеньем и понедельником... Под названием «поканеготовник».

Garfield: I'm not being lazy... I'm storing solar energy for the winter
Гарфилд: Я не ленивый... Я запасаю солнечную энергию на зиму

Garfield: I'm treating myself to a donut this morning. Last night I dreamed I lost five pounds

Garfield: Laziness is an art... I call this «still life with chair»
Гарфилд: Лень — это искусство... Я назвал это «натюрморт с креслом»

*Tic tic tic tic*
Garfield: I changed my status... To «in relationship with pizza»
*Тык тык тык тык*
Гарфилд: Я сменил себе статус... На «в отношениях с пиццей»

Garfield: What do I love more than eating? Duh... Overeating!

Garfield: Being lazy is a full-time job. It barely leaves me time for my hobbies. Like dozing and napping

Garfield: Maybe someday I'll finally get what I deserve. But I hope not
Гарфилд: Возможно, однажды в конце концов я получу по заслугам. Но надеюсь, что нет

Garfield: Un momento... Z. You may now resume your life

*6:55 PM*
Voice1: Hi!
Voice2: Hi!
*7:00 PM*
Voice1: Nah
*8:00 PM*
*Click click*
Voice1: Nope
Voice2: Nah
*9:00 PM*
*Click click click click*
Voice1: No
Voice2: Nah
Voice1: Nope
Voice2: Meh
*10:00 PM*
*Click click click click click click*
Voice1: Nah
Voice2: Ick
Voice1: No
Voice2: Ugh
*11:00 PM*
Garfield: Date night for Jon and Liz
*Click click click click click click click click click*
Voice1: Meh
Voice2: Nah
Voice1: No
Voice2: Naw
Garfield: 10,000 movies to stream, and they can't decide on one
Voice1: Well, that was fun
Voice2: Same time next week?

Garfield: Time to get up and start another day. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Z

Garfield: I'm not afraid of anything
Voice: Garfield, They're ready!
Garfield: Except broccoli smoothies

Garfield: You know... I do my best thinking in bed

Tree: Can I have that back? It isn't fall yet
Garfield: Who am I? Mother nature?!

Garfield: Ahhh... A sunbeam is nature's way of telling you it's naptime

Garfield: Remember, losing weight is a journey, not a destination. Unless... You pass a pizza parlor

Garfield: I'm in the mood to do something productive! I'll just sit here until it passes
Гарфилд: У меня настроение заняться чем-то полезным! Я просто посижу здесь, пока это не пройдёт

Garfield: Donuts... APPEAR! The day that finally works will be a happy day indeed

Garfield: I could go for a walk
Bed: Garfieeeeeeeeld... Come baaaaaaack
Garfield: But I'm needed here
Гарфилд: Я мог бы пойти прогуляться
Кровать: Гааааарфииииилд... Вернииииииись
Гарфилд: Но я нужен здесь

Garfield: Summer's almost over. I'd better get busy... These beach party movies aren't gonna watch themselves!

Garfield: I like having pizza delivered
Garfield: No assembly required!

Garfield: On rainy days, I like to stay under the covers. And on sunny days, cloudy days, windy days...
Гарфилд: Дождливые дни я люблю проводить под одеялом. А также солнечные дни, пасмурные дни, ветреные дни...

Garfield: I can't eat broccoli for medical reasons. It makes me sick
Гарфилд: Я не могу есть брокколи по медицинским показаниям. Мне от неё плохеет

Garfield: Let's see what's on the agenda... Climbing mt. Everest... Then sailing the Atlantic. I like to give my naps fun names

Garfield: I'd exercise. But I don't have the clothes, the equipment... Or the desire

Garfield: Did I already have a donut? Being forgetful has its benefits

Garfield: I have a good feeling about today
Voice: The ice cream truck and the pizza delivery van broke down! Right in front of our house!

Garfield: There are some who seek to be one with nature. I prefer to be one with pizza

Voice: Whee!
Leaf1: Yahoo!
Leaf2: Woo-hoo!
Leaf1: Booyah!
Leaf: Wahooie!
Voice: Yaaay!
Leaf2: Gnarly!
Leaf3: Woot!
Leaf4: Yeah, baby!
Leaf5: Dude!
Leaf6: Rah!
Garfield: Leaves are fall's confetti
Leaf7: Yowza!

Garfield: I don't have a sleeping problem. I have a walking up problem

Garfield: They say should follow your heart. And it's true. Hello, my love!
Гарфилд: Говорят, нужно следовать зову сердца. И это правда. Привет, любовь моя!

Garfield: Cats crave excitement
Garfield: Woot. That's enough for today

Garfield: I appreciate the little joys of life. And the big joys, too!
Гарфилд: Я ценю маленькие радости жизни. И большие радости тоже!

Garfield: Nothing beats coming in from the cold and curling up by the fire. Except NOT going out in the cold and curling up by the fire
Гарфилд: Нет ничего лучше, чем прийти с холода и свернуться калачиком у огня. Кроме как НЕ выходить на холод и свернуться калачиком у костра

Ghost: I am the ghost of mondays past. I come from 1978
Garfield: Not scary
Ghost: Mood rings? Leisure suits? Disco? Man perms? Laser discs?
Garfield: Okay, that's scary

Garfield: They say it's good for plants to talk to them. You're delicious
Гарфилд: Говорят, растениям полезно, когда с ними разговаривают. Ты вкусный

Garfield: Time to contemplate my life. Z. Nice

Garfield: Poor little leaf... Leaving its home to face who knows what
Leaf: Wheeee!

Garfield: Lose interest?
Гарфилд: Что, передумал?

Garfield: I can't please everyone. But I can annoy everyone

Garfield: I'm never going to retire. I enjoy my work too much

Voice: A dash of salt... And a hint of cinnamon. That might be slightly more than a hint
Garfield: None for me, thanks

Garfield: Remember... It's best to start a diet with a friend. So you can steal their food

*Tappity tappity tappity tappity tappity tappity tappity tappity*
Garfield: Betcha didn't see THAT coming!

Garfield: As I've aged... I've gained a lot of wisdom. Especially around the middle