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Garfield: I am proud of my many accompishments. Z. Aaand there's another one

Garfield: Oops. I forgot to exercise today. That's the 365th time this year
Гарфилд: Упс. Забыл сегодня зарядку сделать. Это уже 365-й раз в этом году

Garfield: Being trapped in the house during a snowstorm means there's nothing to do. I love winter

Garfield: There's a bird in the snow. Blech. Not a fan of frozen food

*Ping! Ping! Ping!*
Garfield: Z. Thank goodness for reminders
Garfield: I almost slept through my midnight snack
*Динь! Динь! Динь!*
Гарфилд: ХР. Слава богу, есть напоминалки
Гарфилд: Чуть не проспал полуночный перекус

Garfield: BURP! That was good upside-down cake
Гарфилд: РРЫГ! Это был отличный перевёрнутый пирог

Garfield: How much sleep is too much? Excellent question. Let's find out
Гарфилд: Сколько часов сна - это слишком много? Прекрасный вопрос. Давайте выясним

Garfield: Start the day with a brisk walk is what I say. Start the day with a brisk nap is what I do

Notebook: Remember to seize each day... And squeeze every bit of napping from it. And those treats won't eat themselves!
Garfield: Cat motivational speaker

Garfield: Let me tell you about this amazing 12-course meal that I just ate. To make a long story short... BURP!

Garfield: Wait, what was I going to go? I was going to do SOMETHING... Of course! When in doubt, do nothing

Garfield: When life gets you down...
Garfield: It helps to be surrounded by loved ones

Garfield: Are there secrets to surviving diet week? Yes, there are. There's the secret cookie cache, the hidden donut stash, the covert cupcake collection...
Гарфилд: Есть ли секрет, как пережить неделю диеты? Да, есть. Есть секретный тайник с печеньем, тайник с пончиками, тайная коллекция кексов...

Garfield: A word of advice... I know a guaranteed way to stick to a healthy diet. And a million ways not to!

Garfield: It's monday... It's february, and it's hailing
*tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok tok*
Garfield: Three strikes and i'm out

Garfield: There is no substitute for hard work. Said no cat ever

Garfield: What's the best part of an online cooking class?
Garfield: The homework!

Garfield: I don't just sleep all day. I also nap, doze, snooze and slumber

Garfield: Thought I heard a roast beef sandwich

Garfield: What a beautiful sunset! Well, that killed thirty seconds

Garfield: I am really relaxed. How relaxed am I, you ask? I am so relaxed that I could technically be classified as a liquid

Garfield: They say money can't buy happiness. That is so not true. It can buy bacon! HellOOOO!!!

Garfield: It's hard to lose the winter weight. And the spring, summer and fall weight

Garfield: Spring... Sigh... Too early for the ice cream truck, too late for the hot chocolate
Гарфилд: Весна... Эх... Для грузовичка с мороженым ещё рано, для горячего шоколада уже поздно

Garfield: With all my faults, there is one code that I live by... Never start a diet on a monday. Or a tuesday, or a wednesday, or a...

Garfield: So much to not do. Sigh. I don't know where to not start
Гарфилд: Так много чего надо не сделать... Эх... Даже не знаю, с чего не начать

Garfield: Cats have a keen sense of hearing. We can even tell when food is nearby
Garfield: Pizza's here!

Jon: Sure... I'll go clean your litterbox
Garfield: Much appreciated

Garfield: I love all the creatures of the forest... The rabbit, the chipmunk, the hummingbird. Or, as I like to call them, «nature's buffet»!

Garfield: A growling stomach... Nature's alarm clock

Garfield: Time to take my medicine. Please note: the part of «medicine» in today's comic is being played by a donut

Garfield: I've kept a journal of my daily activities for the last month. Wow! That's a LOT of pizza!

Garfield: Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Unless... It's dipping bacon in chocolate. Then you definitely should

Jon: I could use a little help in here!
Garfield: Hel-LO! That's why I'm in HERE

Garfield: I have an itch I can't scratch. See? Cats have real problems, too
Гарфилд: У меня чешется там, где я не могу дотянуться. Видите? У котов тоже бывают серьёзные проблемы

Garfield: I guess I should get out of bed and have breakfast. Now that I've eaten all the chip bits and cookie crumbs in the covers
Гарфилд: Наверное, мне пора вылезать из кровати и завтракать. Раз уж я съел все кусочки чипсов и крошки от печенья в складках одеяла

Garfield: Dogs bite. But cats are deadlier. We use sarcasm
Гарфилд: Собаки кусаются. Но кошки смертоноснее. Мы используем сарказм

Garfield: I have no place to go... And nothing to do. So I'm already here and doin' it!

Garfield: I'm tired. Sigh... I should go to bed. But I don't want to get up
Гарфилд: Я устал. Эх... Мне надо идти в кровать. Но так не хочется вставать

Garfield: I should get up. But I'm willing to admit when I'm wrong
Гарфилд: Я должен встать. Но когда я неправ, я готов признать ошибку

Garfield: This is great. Except for the part where I'm awake

Garfield: Sigh... I need to recharge...

Garfield: They say you slow down as you get older. I guess that's true. These days it takes me twice as long to do nothing

Garfield: Soundtrack of aging
Гарфилд: Саундтрек к старению

Garfield: Sigh... You know you're getting older... When you pull a muscle during a nap

Garfield: 45 years... BURP! And still getting it done

Garfield: Cats... Do we want to go out... Or do we want to come in? The answer is yes
Гарфилд: Коты... Хотим мы выйти... Или мы хотим зайти? Ответ - да

Jon: At summer camp, I learned essential survival skills... How to build a fire, how to avoid poison ivy...
Garfield: Big deal
Jon: And how to sneak snacks out of the cafeteria
Garfield: Okay. Now I'm impressed