Нашлось 4 стрипов с набором тегов
ГарфилдДжон Арбаклптичка

Jon: Garfield, meet the newest member of our family, sweety bird. I just know you two are going to get along famously, right, Garfield?
Garfield: Right. Sure. Uh, would you happen to have a light for my cutting torch?

Jon: Garfield, do you like Sweety Bird?
Garfield: He's right up there with dogs and Mondays.
Jon: You wouldn't intend him any arm, would you?
Garfield: I don't know what you're talking about.
Jon: Then why is he covered with clam sauce?
Garfield: An old family recipe.

Jon: Did we remember how to open the bird cage?
Garfield: Not only that, we forgot birds could fly.

Jon: Hey, Garfield! What are you doing out there? And look! Sweety Bird's on your head!
Jon: Where's my camera?!
Garfield: I loathe life.