Нашлось 8 стрипов с набором тегов
ГарфилдДжон Арбаклу телевизора

Jon: Oh boy, at last. College football season. I would have played college football had it not been for my beliefs... I don't believe in bleeding on saturday!
Garfield: How would you like to be unnecessarily roughed?
Джн: О да, наконец-то. Университетский футбольный сезон. Я бы тоже играл в футбол в университете, если бы не мои убеждения... Я не верю в кровопускание по субботам!
Гарфилд: Как ты хочешь стать таким жестоким?

Garfield: Television can be habit forming. I've been watching it all day
Jon: Would you like me to turn the tv on, Garfield?
Garfield: That would be nice

Jon: Move it, garfield. I'm going to watch television

TV: Here we see the common sparrow. Delicious plain, or with a little ketchup.
Jon: What are you watching?
Garfield: The all-cat channel.

Jon: I don't believe it. You're sitting here watching static!
Garfield: Yes, but it's quality static.

Garfield: Oh, brother. Gimmie a break.
Jon: What'cha watching?
Garfield: I went with the «Oh, brother».

TV: Tonight, after months of dieting, exercise, and hard work... We will learn which of our contestants has lost the most weight! WHO will be our grand prize winner?! Stay tuned for the exciting final weigh-in, right after these messages! ...And we're back!

TV: And now, the bonus round question: what is THIS the sound of? Bam! Bam! Bam! GAAAHHH! Five seconds...
Jon: Ooo! Ooo! I know that one!
TV: Time's up! I'm sorry... The correct answer was «hitting your thumb with a hammer»
Jon: Darn! I was going to say that!
ТВ: А сейчас дополнительный раунд. Вопрос: что ЭТО за звук? Бам! Бам! Бам! ААААААА! Пять секунд...
Джон: Ооо! Ооо! Я знаю!
ТВ: Время вышло! Мне жаль... Правильный ответ: «Ты ударил молотком себе по пальцу»
Джон: Блин! Я это и хотел сказать!