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garfield: come on garfield, snap out of this deep blue funk. So what if a dog moved in...
Garfield: you can handle it. cheer up
Garfield: take me now, lord!

garfield: Ten billion dogs in this world, and I get tweedledee the wonder dummy.

Odie: WOOF!
Garfield: BARK!
Odie: Yip! Yip! Yip! Yip!

Garfield: Poor me. Sigh... A big, vicious, brute of a dog has moved into MY home...
*GRAB! Whap whap whap whap whap whap whap dribble dribble dribble PUNT*
Garfield: How will I ever survive?

garfield: We cats are the source of many myths...
garfield: The saying «nervous as a cat», is an old wive's tale
garfield: Not to mention a cat always lands on his feet

garfield: Gotta keep my strength up

Garfield: A diet. Jon has me on a diet. When the lasagna content in my blood gets low, I get mean

garfield: all dogs should be banned from our country...
garfield: They are noisy, silly, sloppy, rude...
Garfield: and they'e rusting our nation's fire hydrants .

garfield: tum, dee-dum. dee-dum
garfield: If it weren't for my naturally sweet nature, I'd make life rough for that dog.

garfield: If god had intended for dogs to bark, he would have given them roots and leaves.

Odie: BARK!
Garfield: Now that I'm up.. I might as well have breakfast

Garfield: oh well... I guess a cat is entitled to let down on his defenses once in his life

Garfield: That hurt me more than it did him

Garfield: Hmmmm... One canister is doggie biscuts and the other is kitty munchies, but I forgot which is which

Garfield: Sniff hack cough wheeze sniff hack cough wheeze
Гарфилд: Шмыг кхе хрип сип шмыг кхе хрип сип

garfield: Darn
Garfield: that was too easy

garfield: when odie comes by I'm going to round off that pointy head of his
garfield: how can you win against someone who doesn't even know the rules of the game?

garfield: I'm not known for my compassion

garfield: this year I resolve to be nicer to dogs
garfield: Maybe I'll cut down on lasagna instead

Garfield: I was feeling pretty punk about having to wear this sweater... Until I say Odie's new outfit

*Snicker snicker*

Garfield: I suppose I should learn to like Odie. But I just can't respect anyone who turns around three times to lie down

*Bark! Bark! Bark!*
Garfield: That's good enough
*Screee POOMP!*
Garfield: Thanks for the excercise

*Pat pat pat pat*
Garfield: You didn't see that

Garfield: It's amazing the fun you can have with a hoop

Garfield: Gee, I'd almost forgotten how much fun it is to hang on the old screen door
Garfield: And I'd completely forgotten about the pain

Garfield: I hate patio doors

Garfield: Let's talk about dogs... What are dogs? Are they vegetable or mineral?
Гарфилд: Поговорим о собаках... Что такое собаки? Они овощи или минералы?

Garfield: The caped avenger sees an evil dog. The caped avenger springs into action. The caped avenger hurts himself
Гарфилд: Мститель в накидке видит злобную собаку. Мститель в накидке бросается в бой. Мститель в накидке сам себя калечит

Garfield: It's a myth that cats are high-strung
Odie: BARK
Garfield: There's a lot of truth in those old myths
Гарфилд: То, что коты пугливы - это миф
Оди: ГАВ
Гарфилд: Но в старых мифах очень много правды

Garfield: POOF
Гарфилд: ПУФ

Garfield: What do you get if you cross a cat and a dog? You get a stupid cat

*Scratch scratch scratch scratch*
*Scratch scratch scratch scratch*


*Waka waka waka waka waka waka*
*Блям блям блям блям блям блям*

Garfield: Every day it's the same boring food, same boring people, same boring routine...
Odie: Rrrr.
Garfield: ...same boring fights.

*chomp! gulp gobble*
Jon: ODIE!

*Pat pat pat*

Garfield: Fetch, boy. Obedient... Not very bright, but obedient
Гарфилд: Принеси. Послушный... Не особо сообразительный, но послушный

Garfield: Nobody beats up on Odie but me.

Garfield: Maybe Jon's right. Maybe I am too cynical. Maybe the world isn't as stupid as I think. Nah.

Garfield: I'm the kind of person who must see something to believe it. Yup, Newton was right.

Garfield: Ah ah ah. WAH-CHOO!